Be part of a new community that brings together the public, artists, creatives, cultural agents and institutions, opening up new opportunities to discover the arts, culture and creative services near you.

We are google for arts, LinkedIn for professional artists and Airbnb for artistic offerings.

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About Us Let's create happiness together

Have you noticed, how much time it takes to find a dancer, musician, designer or any creative service? Almost 1 day, or maybe 2. Moreover, only those who can pay for promotion and dissemination have a greater chance of being hired. Additionally, fans also find it challenging in locating and accessing art and cultural activities. Last but not least, as an art consumer, is it easy to find local cultural events or artists nearby?

According to Cultural Participation National Poll (CNCA), more than 70% of Chilean have not being able to access or participate in cultural events in the last years. All this happens because there is a huge gap in communication between fans, artists, creatives and stakeholders, which makes the creative industry unorganized. The consequence of this is that both artists (~120.000) and stakeholders (~70.000 app) are not able to create opportunities with in themselves, resulting in a waste of US$500 millions of economical efforts annually, just in Chile.

Currently, in the creative industry, there is no means that allows artists and creatives to be discovered and employed, which means that they are generally undervalued in society.

Valerte's goal is to connect and empower both artists and the interested public and stakeholders, giving them equal opportunities by organizing the unorganized market.

What is Valerte?

  • An online artist community and creative industry focused PROFESSIONAL social media platform (like LinkedIn), which enables to search, connect, tip / donate (like MACH), hire (like Airbnb) and sponsor artists & creatives via one simple multi-faceted application.
  • Users can discover cultural activities, artists and stakeholders based on any criteria such as area of specialization, geographical location, rate and more.
  • Primarily its enables users to find, contact, support and employ artists and creatives, buy services / products, provides power for payment and donations.
  • It also enables fans, tourists and others to discover arts on short notices and look for live performance or other events, based on location / time.
  • Valerte, provides artists and creatives an AI based CV / portfolio to download and share, along with customized monthly engagement report, which includes # of followers / students, fee per event, average tip ($) per post, # of live streams, average monthly earnings, ratings, among others.
  • Additionally, it protects the users by offering them auto validation and insurance for their contracts, service or payment, as it enables community to make online agreements with parties for performance / events.
  • With Valerte, users get an option to ask / pay up to 100% of advance payment, either to be deposited as security and held within the app, or to be paid in advance directly, which safeguards both the parties and app only releases payment, if the agreement is successfully completed by the parties.

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Live streaming for arts

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Access to AI based CV Based on online engagement

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Create event and sell tickets

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Key Team

Sebastián Vergara

Sebastián Vergara

Technology & Operations Manager
9 years of experience as a musician, event coordinator and team leader and founder of Isaí Musicos ara Eventos

Studied Mechanical Engineering and Violin
Sebastián Vergara

Irene Yañez

Business Development & Community Manager
15 years of experience in event production and management of massive cultural projects

Studied Clinical Psychologist, Soprano and Cultural Manager
Marina Rebolar

Marina Rebolar

Community Manager
3 years of experience as Administrative Assistant, Community Manager and Sales Executive

Studied Commercial Engineer
Concepción Neuling

Concepción Neuling

Communications Manager
10 years of experience as a musician and manager, president of the Asociación Cultural Ensamble Transatlántico, executive president of Ethno Chile

Speech therapist, cello and cultural management
Javier Luz, Mentor

Javier Luz

Founder & CEO of Fixe, has founded and led many startups in recent years. He is a professional designer and computer engineer